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Real estate agents and the power of persuasion

When you should and when you shouldn’t listen to your real estate agent? This is the question to which we are trying to find the answer this time around. The power of persuasion is an important one and a key element of most business deals, especially when it comes to buying a real estate. First of all, let’s never forget, no matter how helpful and dedicated our agent looks or seems to be, eventually they live out of the profit they get after a selling or rental transaction. So let’s comprise a list where you should be careful to listen to persuasion:

1.) When you do not like a property:

They say it happens only with women, but in reality it happens with everyone. When you simply do not like a property and you don’t feel that you could live in there happily for even a day after moving in, yet the agent is in full persuasion mode and the home indeed has tons of features you were looking for. Do not let him persuade you, at least for first. If you have doubts about a property, rather go back ones, twice or even three times. If your feeling haven’t changed then don’t decide to buy it.

2.) If a property just doesn’t suit you

It’s very rare to find a new home at a place which is very different in what you are looking for however oftentimes agents may try to persuade you on the opposite of this. It works very rarely though. Rather stick with your basic requirements and go for a home which has these.

3.) Renovation costs

Most often than not, a property which you are to buy will need renovation of some sort, from the lighter painting to larger reconstruction works. This is the point where you need to take the time and either go back with someone who has good eyes to see what will need to be renovated or hire a professional to do a full check to get the full picture. Most often than not, renovation results in another renovation and this circle continues until you reach the point of totally renovating a house. This may cost a real fortune. So be vary of any places which need reconstruction.

4.) Loan costs

Tons of real estate agents will try to persuade you about loans and will be telling you how low they cost per month. Unfortunately this is not the case. The monthly costs are always higher than one may think. It’s because of the monthly interests and any extra insurance the owner needs to pay in order to keep the loan. Also, there are tons of agencies dealing with loans next to banks and you are never obligated to choose the loan institute which is contracted by the real estate agency. Feel free to ask around, look around as to who offers the best conditions. Never forget that you as the buyer are the one who makes the decisions and never the agent.